Evolution or Creation?


Gaines Parkman

Mark sat in the sunroom of his house. The light filtered through the leaves leaving irregular patterns across the yard, while a mocking bird was perched in a lower branch surveying its territory, ready to pounce on any unlucky intruder.

            While Mark watched out the window he thought about the days events, wondering especially about his science class.

His teacher had been discussing evolution with them, but Mark been unable to understand the day’s lesson.

How could it be that animals evolved from one single celled animal? The teacher had supported the claims the text books made.

Mr. Hughes had questions, of course, but schools all over the world taught the same thing, so he reasoned it must be true.

About that time the door bell rang. As Mark got up to answer the door, he noticed through the glass his best friend Paul.

“Hey Paul,” Mark said, as he greeted his friend, “Come on in.”

“Hey Mark, what ya up to” ask Paul. “Want to go shoot some hoops.”

Mark answered,  “I’m just setting here thinking about old man Hughes class today. I was wondering about all that evolution stuff.”

“What’s to wonder” Paul said “It's just a theory.  “You know there is another account of how the world was made.”

Mark had a puzzled look on his face and asked. “Another account, what do you mean?”

Paul answered. “The Bible”

Mark asked “You mean that book with the story of the old dude and the boat,” Paul said “They are not just stories, that boat was called an Ark, and that old dudes name was Noah. That’s just one of the many accounts the Bible tells us of the worlds past.”

“If you have a Bible, I’ll show you exactly what it says” Paul told Mark.

“I think we have one upstairs” Mark answered and went to get the Bible and was only gone a few minutes.

Paul took the Bible from Mark, and gently brushed the dust off the cover, opened to the book of Genesis and explained the story of how God created the world in six days with Mark.

Mark asked “You mean the world was created, animals and all in only six days?  I thought the world was millions of years old? How do you know it was only six days?”

Paul showed Mark in Genesis 1:3-5 where God created light, divided it from the dark, calling the light day and the dark night: saying the evening and morning were one day. Paul asked, “See how the day was created, there is no confusion there” “That’s the biggest problem with evolution; there are too many loop holes that can’t be explained."

They discussed how land had been made, along with all the plants that grow on earth.

 How the sun and the moon was created, birds and fowl, all things that lived in water, and on the fifth day the animals. After that man was created on the sixth.

Mark spoke up asking “How come man wasn’t created on the fifth day, are we not animals also?”

Paul answered “Of course not, God used the same methods of creating life in both man and animals because they worked so well.”

Mark thought about it all for a while, and then said “You know it makes more sense than evolution to me because all my questions are answered completely.”

“That’s right” Paul said, “The Bible answers all questions that have to do with the world, giving us guidance in everyday life and how we should handle all life’s problems.”

Mark asked “You know all this from just reading the Bible? When I tried to read it, it doesn’t make much sense.”

“No” Paul said “All though I try to read the Bible daily. It’s important that we get guidance from people who have studied the Bible, know more, and can help us understand exactly what God’s word says. I do that by attending a church where the Bible is taught in spirit and truth.”

Paul went on to ask Mark if he would attend church with him on Sunday.

Mark accepted Paul’s invitation.

Paul said “You know Mark, I think that it was no accident you were asking questions about evolution and I came over with enough answers to prick your interest in going to church. God is calling you to him. Even this is covered in the Bible”

“Wow” Mark said “I can’t wait to find out more.”

Paul asked if they could pray and Mark quickly answered yes. Together they bowed to pray and Paul thanked God for the opportunity to witness to Mark.

As they finished praying, the mocking bird which had been watching left its perch and landed on the window seal spreading its wings as if to say that God himself were welcoming Mark in the Household of God.



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