Born in Lawsontown, Alabama, on Feb. 22, 1941, George Washington's birthday,we lived so far back in the sticks we used Hoot Owls for watch dogs.

When the Japanese found out I was born on Washington's Birthday, they became so infuriated, they bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7 that same year to get even.

In retaliation, Dad went and joined the Navy, and if they'd had two more like Dad, we would had kicked Japan's butt a whole lot sooner.

Nobody but kin-folks lived within about five miles of us, and the road ended in our yard on the banks of Blue Creek, which had a footlog we used to cross the creek.

My Aunt Julie lived on the other side of the creek where the road ended in her yard on the other side of the creek.

To reach Aunt Julie's house, into whose yard we could throw a rock across the creek, we had to drive about twenty miles from our yard around through Johns, Alabama through Black Diamond and back into Aunt Julie's yard.

I can still remember when Electric lights came through Lawsontown, I thought that was the greatest thing since Epsom Salts. I was just a boy, but I remember standing in Aunt Julie's living room pulling that little chain on that old light that hung down from the ceiling. What a wonderful thing not to have to light the old coal oil lamps to be able to see.

I'd heard about electric lights but never seen one at that time for myself.

Bud Martin got a TV about the same time, which was also a first for me. Again, they had TV's other places, but I had never seen one.

Times were hard with Dad gone to war, but you know, being raised on a farm we were always blessed to have plenty to eat.

That's the type of thing I love to write about, trying to give you an insight into the days where every man had to stand on his own, but neighbors rallyed 'round each in time of need.

Please enjoy my web site,

Thank you so much,

"Uncle" Buddy Simmons

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