Good day to everyone.

The other day I was handed a testimony by a Church Brother with whom I have been aquainted for many years, first in Bessemer, Alabama, then in Newnan, Georgia where I now reside.

I had asked if anyone had a testimony they would like added to our church web-site which we have been working on, trying to be a blessing to our local church, but also to our sister churches, as well.

This Brother is aquainted with many of my kin-folks as well as members of our church all over the country.

I always knew that this Brother was very intelligent but I didn't realize that he is also a talented writer, as well.

I hope you will read the following testimony and see this little 6 or 8 year old boy as he begins to listen to "The Radio Revival Hour," and continues to tune in over the years, his life being molded by a man whom he had never met.

He is one of the sweetest natured, gentle people you will ever meet, and I am honored to call him "Brother."

As a matter of fact, my wife and I call this Brother, "our other son," because he has always been like one to us.


This phrase has been a part of my vocabulary for many years and thus has remained a part of my spiritual journey from the time that I was six to eight years of age on up to the present.


This phrase was planted in my heart and mind by a man that I never met and whom I only knew as Brother Jesse F. Pratt


He was a daily part of my life from Monday through Friday at 4pm on the radio station out of Atlanta, 1010 the Big Gun in Dixie.


Every day I would sit at a desk, open my schoolbooks for study time and or homework in quiet solitude alone, except for the message in song and preaching by Brother Pratt.


I knew some of the songs that were sung on “The Radio Revival Hour” because I would sing along with whoever was singing.


The messages from God’s Word also meant very much to me.


Brother Pratt’s messages were different than the other Preachers delivered.


Brother Jesse’s messages were right out of the Bible and I would follow along, as he read.


Brother Pratt’s messages took root in my heart because they were true.


I knew where the church was on Center Street in Atlanta and even drove by it one time on purpose.


As the years went by and other responsibilities, I still, as often as I could, tuned to Brother Pratt at 4pm Monday through Friday.


I never joined any church because I knew the true way which could not be disproved by any other teaching which I have studied.


No matter how I lived or conducted my life, I could never shed the true message nor pluck out the true Seed that had been planted by God’s servant.


From time to time, I would drive into one of The Church of God of the Union Assembly's churches parking lot and the Spirit of Doubt would give me an excuse not to get out, but to leave with excuses.


I thank God for “The Radio Revival Hour” and Brother Jesse F. Pratt for I would still be adrift alone on life’s stormy sea without the truth or understanding.


Thank God, I am now in “The Ark of Safety.”


I have been united with the church at Newnan since April of 2008.


Here at Newnan, I hear the same messages that I have heard for some forty years.


God changes not nor does his word change. True, the messenger has changed but the true way has never and never will change.


Thank God the truth of God’s Word continues even unto future generations for there is still much work to do.


I pray that I and others will continue to seek God’s guidance and to be used by God to help others along their way, so that we can all say, “LOOK UP AND LIVE.”


God Bless,

Mark Massengale

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