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I read in the paper this morning about Colt, the huge gun maker who will give in to the lawsuit brought by the gun control lobby.

This is just another sign that one day before long the average citizen's right to own a weapon will be a thing of the past.

You may not believe that anyone could actually outlaw your having a firearm in your possession, but in this case, you would be sadly mistaken if you are foolish enough to embrace such a ridiculous belief.

They would have you believe that you should rely on the existing authorities for your protection of life, limb and property but that is, in fact, a flawed piece of garbage which can never be a feasible alternative to gun ownership in the private sector.

As much as I admire and respect our law enforcement officers, it would be impossible for them to be on the scene of the robbery, the rape, the car jacking or any other heinous crime the criminal element chooses to commit against us.

In Germany during World War 2, the first act of oppression committed by Adolph Hitler was to deprive the German citizens of the ability to defend themselves.

After confiscating the weapons, Hitler set in place a campaign to destroy every man, woman and child which had a disability or ailment in order to bring about "A Super Race," where only the perfect specimens would be able to have offspring.

Next, Hitler began to persecute the Jews with a zeal to destroy all, treating them like cattle, herding them into the gas chambers like animals, until about six million were killed due to his hatred of the Jewish people.

Can you folks who are seeking to do away with all guns in this country honestly say that you believe it would be better to live in a society like Germany, without any means of defense whatsoever.

In Kennesaw, Georgia, a law was passed that a gun & ammunition MUST be maintained by the head of each household who was eligible by law to possess a weapon.

Given the beliefs of the gun control lobby, you would think the crime rate would have soared with all those guns turned loose on a defenseless society, but guess what? The crime rate dropped dramatically due to this new law.

Do you know who actually hated that new law? The criminals who want to prey on helpless people without any means of protection whatsoever against them.

Speaking of the lawsuits against gun makers, the other day I read about a man who killed his family with a ball peen hammer.

Will the next lawsuit be against the company who provides hammers to the carpenters of this world?

Also, will we be allowed to own a claw hammer while the ball peen hammer will be banned?

We already have enough gun control laws on the books to put every criminal who chooses to use a gun while committing a crime behind bars for many years.

The only problem is, the gun control lobby are bleeding hearts who seek to make it easier for the criminal to carry out their rampage of terror and destruction against you, the honest citizen.

Let the gun control fanatic move to Washington, D.C. where gun ownership is strictly prohibited.

Now, you would think that D.C. would be a safe haven in which to bring up your children in an environment without crime or danger from those awful guns on the street. Right?

Instead, Washington, D.C. has the highest crime rate in the United States.

Why hasn't the President made his own city safe if his agenda is the right one to follow for all America, keeping us safe from the criminal element?

I notice that whenever the President steps out onto the streets of his "gun free city," we, the people have to pay thousands of dollars per hour to protect him from people without any guns.

After all, if taking our guns away will make our streets safe, why does he need protection on the streets where guns are already prohibited?

Once your guns are taken away, then you stand back and watch the reign of terror and destruction turned loose on us by people who are more concerned with the "rights" of criminals, than the rights of you, the honest citizen.

Wake up, America before it's too late. Let's get rid of the politicians who want to take away our right to keep and bear arms!

Thank you and May God smile on your pathway,
Buddy Simmons
Newnan, Ga.

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