"Do I believe in Gun Control? What do you think?"

Somebody asked me the other day if I believe in gun control, and if I think every body should own a gun.

            I answered that I certainly believe in gun control, and that I took steps to make sure I could control every gun in my house.

            From as far back as I can remember, Christmas time meant that we would receive guns of some sort under the tree, and our hearts desire was to be Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, The Durango Kid, The Cisco Kid or any one of a long list of cowboy idols of the time.

            The difference is that in my day, the good guys wore white hats and if they took drugs or did all of the things we found out later some of the movie stars had been guilty of doing, they kept it hid, instead of bragging about it in public the way they do today.

            You never saw ROY or GENE with a cigarette in their hand, or trying to see who could down the most liquor, or putting a shot needle in their arm.

            They were a friend to animals, (their horses were their best friend), and if they used a gun, it was always on the side of justice.

            Now, let me ask you a question. If you had intentions of committing a crime against some one, would you be more apt to choose someone you suspected carried a gun, or would you pick on the person who don't believe in guns?

            Just remember, a person doesn't carry a gun because he's looking for trouble, but in case the unthinkable happens, the gun will be available for self defense,

            In an honest person's hands, the gun is not carried to take a life, but to protect either his own life or the lives of the people he loves.

            I believe that if handguns are to be carried, a permit should be obtained after a background check has been performed, but if nothing is found in that background check, the permit should be issued.

            As good as our police department and our Sheriff's departments are in Newnan, they still can't be every where at all times, it just isn't possible, that's where the weapon comes in handy.

            Maybe that time you decide to go to the A.T.M. alone, or your car breaks down on some lonesome road, miles away from any kind of help.

            I've heard it said that you would be safer without a gun because your attacker might overpower you and use your own gun against you.

            Hey, if a person don't know any more about a gun than that, they need to take lessons on the use of their weapon, instead of carrying it in their purse, not knowing how to use it in the first place.

            As far back as I can remember, we had guns in our house for hunting, and also for protection, if needed.

            The only guns that were kept loaded were Daddy's pistol, (Which he carried until his death at the age of 84,) and perhaps a shotgun over the mantle.

            I never had a desire to kill other people, even though I played cowboys and Indians all the time during my childhood.

            My B.B. gun, which I got at the ripe old age of seven or eight years, was used to shoot targets or sometimes even a bird or two, even though I always had to bury the birds, and always swore I'd never do it again.

            After speaking on the phone with the police department in Kennesaw, Ga. I discovered that after passing a law that each head of the household must own a gun, if they were legally eligible their crime rate dropped dramatically.

            Do I personally believe in gun control? Absolutely!

I Can hit what I aim at!!

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