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This web page is presented to let you read samples of my books, two of which are now available at this time.


How Jake Picket, ex-gunfighter turned "Skypilot" (Preacher) fights to save the home of a widow and her ten
year old son from a ruthless cattle baron makes for a humorous, clean, interesting and insightful look at the old
west in this action packed novel.

“Fugitive’s Revenge” SEE REVIEW ON
Fugitive's Revenge page

Eighteen year old Roy Buttress, the last surviving member of his family due to an on-going feud with the Doak's
clan moves to Alabama.

After his whereabouts are exposed, his fight to stay alive presents a very unique look into the traditions of
feuding families seldom seen before in print.

His Revenge, after the death of his friend, tells a sometimes hair-raising tale of death, destruction and love as
the story unfolds.

Coming Soon                      “Tramp”                   Coming Soon

A very comical look into the lives of a boy and his dog, Tramp, a coon hound who wrecks havoc, laughs, and
sometimes tragedy into his ten year old owners life.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy my books, and also the other materials I will add in the next few days, which
will include poetry and works done by others.

I truly believe that good books can be written without all the vulgarity, and smut you see today.
Thank you very much,
May God smile on your pathway,
Buddy Simmons

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