An old song I used to hear my Dad sing from as far back as I can remember from my childhood days when I was but a lad, when we would sit many times on the old front porch and Dad and Mama would burst out in an old timey song.

Ah, what memories of years gone by, just thinking about the songs of old brings up memories such as this one.

Dad sang this song about a family that had lost a child during the Christmas Holidays season. This song tells a true story.

Perhaps, it might not mean a lot to some people but it always did to me because I had a lot of suffering in my life so I could relate to the songs that Daddy loved to sing.

We had him sing this song during the Christmas Season at church a lot of the time when he was able, but during his last years, he struggled for air so badly that singing was almost a thing of the past but he never quit trying.

To the best I remember, I believe Daddy said he wrote this song in honor of the little girl that died during that Christmas Season.

I know it touches my heart.

The Christmas dawn is breaking, the sun peeks over the hill
And sadness overcomes me, my cup of sorrow filled
The house was hushed and quiet, where once was laughter gay
Til death did come upon me, three years ago today
A wife and loving baby, a daughter only three,
How long I'd planned their Christmas, how happy they would be,
Then early Christmas morning, while bells rang out so clear,
We gathered round the fireplace, my wife and baby dear,
And Baby in her nightie, her eyes so filled with joy,
Reached up toward the mantle to reach a pretty toy
I heard her scream and saw her all in flames
My dear wife tried to save her, but it was all in vain
Their arms around each other, I heard their sobbing breath
Oh Daddy, can't you save us? don't let us meet our death
How hard I fought and struggled, but hot flames beat them down,
And then they laid my darlings beneath a snowy mound
So now you know the reason my eyes are filled with tears
For Christmas brings but sorrow throughout eternal years
I know up there in Heaven somewhere they wait for me
And then we'll all be happy around God's Christmas tree.

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